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Zumo the Beggar
Zumo the Beggar
Species: Human
Level(s): 20

Zumo the Beggar is found wandering in Wajjun Bazaar with random quotes.



  • "The docks are so empty these days. People are afraid to come to Cantha."
  • "Those Am Fah thugs are frightening!"
  • "Fruit can be hard to come by these days now that the plague has slowed trade coming from Kryta."
  • "The Ministry of fire never seems incapable of understanding the plight of the common people."
  • "The guards try to keep order but there are fewer of them of them each day."
  • "The Obsidian Flame keep the rogue guilds in check."
  • "The emperor cares greatly for all of us who have suffered because of the plague."
  • "Cantha will make it through any difficulty as long as the emperor is alive."
  • "The Luxons and Kurzicks have been quarrelling for so long, I think they've probably forgotten why they started fighting to begin with."
  • "The local guilds are taking over the streets. Most have bought off the Ministry and do as they please."


  • "Alms, alms for the poor!"
  • "I need some coins to buy some ale to get rip roaring drunk, surely that's a worthy enough cause for someone to donate? I'll let you have a few drinks with me!"
  • "There is an old folktale in Cantha that if you give coins to a beggar he'll turn you into a beautiful princess and ride off into the sunset with you. Care to try your luck?"
  • "For the low low price of 250 gold, I, Zumo, will single-handedly remove the plague from the city of Cantha! I require only one payment, upfront, and three days to complete the task!"
  • "I saw a guard earlier who ordered me to inform you that you need to give me 5 gold coins to pay the passing through the market fee."
  • "Hey, hey you! I was riding my horse to the other side of town and I ran out of hey to feed him to get there. Spare a few gold so I can feed him and be on my way?"
  • "One time offer, donate to the help save Zumo fund! A most remarkable cause! World renown for doing good deeds in Cantha for the last three and a half minutes!"
  • "Spare a few coins for a blind, mute, and deaf beggar!"

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