Zos Shivros Channel
Zos Shivros Channel
Basic Info
Campaign: Factions
Type: Mission location
Part of: The Jade Sea
Boreas Seabed (explorable), Cavalon

For information on the mission, see Zos Shivros Channel (mission).


Infamous for sending many sailors to their watery deaths back when ships still sailed the Jade Sea, this once-treacherous channel is now traversed mostly by Luxons as they make their way to their home settlement, Cavalon.

Getting there

Complete the Boreas Seabed mission.




Zos Shivros Channel


  • This outpost has the largest exclusive area in factions.


  • Like many of the names of merchants and collectors, this is likely a reference to one of the alpha testing players or guilds, in this case, Zealots of Shiverpeak [ZoS].

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