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Players leaving a zone independent of their teammates are sometimes referred to as "zoning out." This can be malicious, accidental or in reaction to frustration with teammates. This term bears different meaning from "rezoning" or "zoning."

In Scams

  • Runners will sometimes demand payment upfront, and then map travel immediately or midway through the run, effectively stiffing the customers. Never pay for runs upfront. It is a widely accepted practice to pay at a halfway point or in installments along the way.

In Missions or Explorable Areas

  • If several teammates die quickly in a mission, especially amidst a crucial battle, other players may sometimes "give up" on the team altogether and zone out. This is especially true for difficult missions such as Grand Court of Sebelkeh, and for time consuming missions, such as Thunderhead Keep.
  • When a specific member or members of the team are not contributing, other players may propose zoning out and reforming the team without the offending player(s).


  • Losing internet or server connection while in an explorable area will appear to teammates as if a player has zoned out.
  • Accidentally clicking the 'X' close button instead of "restore" or "minimize," etc. will appear to teammates as if a player has zoned out.

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