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Zoldark the Unholy
Zoldark the Unholy
Species: Undead
Profession: Necromancer
Level(s): 29
Lvl 3 - zoldark's location
Vloxen Excavations


The powerful Lich Zoldark the Unholy is a necromancer Boss-like foe located at the end of the Vloxen Excavations dungeon.


Skills used


  • Due to his Master of Necromancy spell, Zoldark usually has a high armor and maximum health bonus, so a direct assault is not recommended. He does however lose health whenever he resurrects one of his minions, so it's best to concentrate on them.
  • His health does not regenerate over time and there is a resurrection shrine right before his chamber, so if all else fails the party can simply rush in, hopefully kill a minion, wipe, and then repeat. Another way is pretty much the same, but continuously fight 1 minion, kill it, wait for it to resurrect, and kill it again until he stops making minions.
  • Since all of his monster skills are spells, Backfire will always trigger.
  • Holy damage is recommended, since it is doubled against undead foes.

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