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Zaishen Supply Master
Zaishen Supply Master
Species: Human
Profession: Collector
Level(s): 20


Zaishen Supply Masters are collectors who exchange Victory Tokens in return for items.


The Zaishen Supply Masters appear only during certain festivals, such as the Dragon Festival.

Quartermaster 1


"Combat is a deadly, yet beautiful, dance between opponents. Those who have mastered its choreography are deserving of recognition from the true god of war, Balthazar. If you bring me 5 Victory Tokens to show your survival skills, I will give you the following in return:"

Collecting: 5 Victory Tokens

Item Stats
Sugary Blue Drink1 Sweet Tooth point
Bottle Rocket1 Party Animal point
Sparkler1 Party Animal point
Champagne Popper1 Party Animal point

Quartermaster 2


"Those victorious in combat should be rewarded for their bravery, skill, and ingenuity. If you bring me 10 Victory Tokens as a sign of your prowess, I will give you one of the following in return:"

Collecting: 10 Victory Tokens

Item Stats
Crème Brûlée 3 Sweet Tooth points
Flask of Firewater Potency 5 (3 Drunkard minutes)
Scroll of Adventurer's InsightFor 10 minutes your party gains +50% XP from combat.
Scroll of Rampager's InsightYour party gains double XP from combat. Rampager's Insight ends if your party fails to kill a foe for 30 seconds.
Scroll of Hunter's InsightYour party gains 175% XP from combat. Hunter's Insight ends if your party fails to kill a boss for 5 minutes.
Birthday Cupcake (only during Guild Wars Birthday Celebrations)+100 maximum health, +10 maximum energy, and 25% increased movement speed for 10 minutes, cannot be used in PvP.

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