Yatendi Canyons
Yatendi Canyons
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Vabbi
Chantry of Secrets, Wehhan Terraces, Fortress of Jahai, Vehtendi Valley,
Yatendi Canyons map
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General Information

the Yahtendi Canyons are the gateway to Vabbi. The river Elon has carved through the rocky cliffs that seperate Vabbi and Kourna, providing easy passage between the two provinces by walking through the shallows, along ledges beside the river, and over bridges. The southern mouth of the canyons is blocked by the Fortress of Jahai, a Kournan fortress second only to Gandara, the Moon Fortress itsself.

Exits / Neighbour Areas

Shrines and Blessings







18 Yatendi Canyons Bosses

Boss locations



  • Vanquishers clearing this area will have to kill around 183-228 foes.
  • Because the center of the map is inaccessible, it is easier to vanquish by starting at Wehhan Terraces. Starting from Chantry of Secrets requires you to backtrack.
Bug Bug! Along with the adjacent Wehhan Terraces and a number of other areas, there is a graphics bug in this area that causes many people using Integrated Intel Graphics (GMA series) to crash when loading the area. A fix can be obtained from this Guild Wars Guru thread.

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