Xunlai Archivist Jonemon
Xunlai Agent (male)
Species: Human
Profession: Xunlai
Level(s): 2

Xunlai Archivist Jonemon is an NPC added during Wayfarer's Reverie 2013.



"If you had pored over the pages of our history like I have, you might agree with me on this: from king to commoner, we are but children in this world. I don't maintain any illusions about our proliferation. We've fought great powers and tamed wide lands. Our numbers have grown and we've swarmed the face of Tyria. But no matter how far back our archives go, there's something older. No matter what strength we rally, there's something mightier. Yet still we persist over the ancient and terrifying. Why? Give credit where you like, but if the gods didn't shine their grace on us, I don't think we'd be standing here right now"


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