Wroth's Holy Rod
Wroth's Holy Rod
Unique weapon details
Linked attribute(s): Smiting Prayers
Damage type(s): Holy
Dropped by: Wroth Yakslapper
Skin: Holy Rod

Wroth's Holy Rod is a Unique Item dropped by Wroth Yakslapper in Grenth's Footprint. There are two versions of Wroth's Holy Rod.

Weapon stats

Versions dropped before the December 8th, 2006 update have the following stats:


Versions dropped after the December 8th, 2006 update have the following stats:


Non-unique counterparts

The new version of Wroth's Holy Rod can be replicated with the following:

The old version cannot be exactly replicated, as its bonuses are only available on upgradable wands with Protection Prayers requirements (which would be the only difference). If ignoring the weapon requirement and damage type (for monks who do not attack enemies), then the bonuses can be obtained by:

If ignoring only the attribute requirement, the bonuses and damage type of the old version can be replicated with:


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