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Disambiguous This article is about the monster skill used by Qwytzylkak. For the skill of the same name used by Abaddon, see Words of Madness. For the similarly-named monster, see Word of Madness.
Skill details
Words of Madness (Qwytzylkak)
Words of Madness (Qwytzylkak)
Campaign: Nightfall Monster-icon
Profession: Monster
Attribute: Unlinked
Type: Hex Spell
        1 Activation 2 Recharge

Full: All targets within earshot are hexed with Words of Madness for 15 seconds, and each has a random skill disabled for 30 seconds and takes 20 damage for each skill currently recharging. When Words of Madness ends, their skills are recharged.

Concise: (15 seconds.) Foes within earshot each have a random skill disabled (30 seconds) and take 20 damage for each of their skills currently recharging. End effect: their skills are recharged.


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