Wintersday Hat Giver
Wintersday Hat Giver
Species: Human
Profession: Collector
Level(s): 15


The Wintersday Hat Giver allows players to obtain the Wintersday festival hats if they are unable to attend the finale event.



"This year's Wintersday festival has been rather interesting, wouldn't you say? Speaking of which, I've managed to acquire a stockpile of Snow Crystal Crests and Ice Shard Crests. My boat departs for home at the end of the Canthan New Year celebration. Until then, I'm willing to trade these crests for 125 Candy Cane Shards each. Interested?"

Collector items

Collecting: 125 Candy Cane Shards

Ice Shard Crest
Snow Crystal Crest


  • This NPC first appeared after the finale during the Wintersday 2009 rerun. He was added due to a bug that prevented many players from receiving hats during the finale of the original Wintersday 2009.

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