Weapons and Off-Hand Items

See candy weapons.


Horns of Grenth

Distributed to followers of Grenth

Yule Cap

Distributed to followers of Dwayna



Similar to ale, takes a few eggnogs to get your character drunk.

Spiked Eggnog

Spiked Eggnog basically will get you very drunk on the first click and the screen will tint purple and get pretty wavy. The character will start mumbling sentences like "I love you, man!"

An interesting trick is to down one Spiked Eggnog and then drink one Eggnog, this will tint your screen green and create a very wavy effect.

Candy Canes

Must be used outside of town, using one of these will remove all Death Penalty that you may have. This makes them quite valuable now that the Wintersday season is over.

Snowman Summoner

Using the Snowman Summoner will summon a snowman at your character's present location (not an Enchanted Snowman, just your run-of-the-mill stationary snowman). It lasts about 10 seconds and then melts. There is also another form of the snowman summoner with exactly the same item appearance. When it is used a snowman falls sideways out of the sky smacks the earth and then disappears, similar to the avalanche spell in the snowfight. It appears this form is only gained through Wintersday presents (good).

Winter Gift [Good]

Obtained from Dwayna's collectors (monks/priests), from victories in the Snowball Fight Arena and by giving Presents to children before the Grentches get them. On double clicking, provides one of the other gifts available from the Wintersday update NPCs. You can also get a Candy Cane Shard.

Winter Gift [Bad]

Obtained from Grenth's collectors (necromancers) and from defeats in the Snowball Fight Arena. Same as Winter Gift [Good], except with a high probability of exploding and leaving you nothing. Has a small chance to give you the lump of coal crafting item.

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