Wilderness of Bahdza
Wilderness Of Bahdza Image
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Vabbi
Resplendent Makuun, Dzagonur Bastion (location),
Wilderness of Bahdza
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General Information

The Wilderness of Bahdza is an explorable area in the far northeast of Vabbi, under the control of Prince Ahmtur the Mighty. It is said that Ahmtur made his fortune by cutting paths through the monsters and tribes that inhabit this area, but it is so out of the way that it is unclear who he trades with. Some maps show an area known as Dzanla even farther to the Northeast, but it cannot be acessed ingame. The wilderness itsself is a landscape of sheer valleys between rocky mesas, as is much of Vabbi. There is a large open area in the Northwest, watched over by the Citadel of Dzagon.

Exits / Neighbour Areas

Blessings / Shrines










Great Beasts






  • Vanquisher Title: 163-176 foes. Varies if the following quest has been completed: Population Control. This is a relatively easy zone that, for optimum bounty efficiency, should be cleared counterclockwise. The only dangerous boss is Korrub, Flame of Dreams. Beware also the potential trap by Moteh Thundershooter: another harpy group is nearby, and the two groups together will probably cause even a strong party to wipe.
  • The skrees that spawn with Screecher and Scratcher will run out of the portal to the south if the bosses are killed. It is still possible to achieve credit for vanquishing if they run out of the zone, as they do not count toward the total.
Bug Bug! These foes can become bodyblocked by the Whispers Informant, and will neither run out of the zone nor attack.

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