White Mantle Justiciar
Species: Human
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 18 (25)


The Justiciars are one type of melee fighters of the White Mantle. They use either a Sword or an Axe and a Shield. Note that there is, technically speaking, no difference between the sword and axe warriors: Simple Thievery proves that Executioner's Strike can be stolen from sword justiciars, and Galrath Slash can be stolen from axe ones. They are simply randomly assigned equipment. Although their damage is lackluster, Justiciars can take a shocking amount of damage before falling, due to their use of "I Will Avenge You!" and "Watch Yourself!". Spiteful Spirit or other armor-ignoring AoE spells are recommended to speed the process of killing them.

Justiciar is a rank above Knighthood in the White Mantle. While in the real world, the position of "Justiciar" was a judicial position, in the White Mantle it is more of an "Executioner of Justice" title.


Multiple explorable areas in the Maguuma Jungle, Southern Kryta and the Southern Shiverpeaks.

Normal Mode

Hard Mode

Items dropped

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