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White Crab
White Crab
Species: Animal
Profession: Pet
Level(s): 5

White Crabs are charmable animals native to the Depths of Tyria.



Crab Color comparison

Comparison of the blue, red and white crabs.

  • The easiest place to charm a White Crab is in Arbor Bay, near the resurrection shrine south of Vlox's Falls. There are a number of Krait groups that patrol around the area, so be careful to clear them out before charming the crab.
  • Unlike the Lurkers and Reef Lurkers of Cantha, White Crabs have a smooth edge on their upper carapace.
  • Like the Lurkers and Reef Lurkers, White Crabs walk sideways.
  • White Crabs deal slashing damage when evolved to dire, and deal piercing damage when unevolved and in all other evolutions.

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