Skill details
What is a Grit?
What is a grit
Campaign: GW:EN


Profession: Mesmer
Attribute: Illusion
Type: Hex Spell
    5 Energy 1 Activation 8 Recharge

Full: Hex Spell. For 10 seconds target foe holds a bowl of grits. While holding grits, foe cannot attack, has 10 less maximum energy, mesmer hexes cast on foe also affect nearby allies, and foe is heard repetitively muttering, """What is a grit?"


  • While affected by What is a Grit? you are easily dazed. If you are succesfully dazed while under What is a Grit? your muttering changes to loudly shouting, ""Sugar or salt and butter?"


Skill Quest: Lady Althea Freighttrain Southbound

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