Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of the Factions PvE campaign.

"Weh no Su" means, in the Canthan tongue, to be "Closer to the Stars".

In order to defeat Shiro Tagachi, players must become Weh no Su, because only mortals who are enlighted this way are able to see, let alone fight Envoys from the immortal world.

In order to be deemed worthy to be awarded Weh no Su status by the spirits of Cantha, the contestants must pass a test: In the Nahpui Quarter mission they must defeat four mighty "celestial" creatures and their minions.


Achieved by completing Nahpui Quarter (mission)


Characters who are Weh no Su can change their secondary professions and enter the Realms of the Gods. Characters can also gain these benefits through Ascension, and Elonian characters can gain these benefits by completing the quest Hunted!.

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