Water Staff
Dead Staff
Water Staff New
Weapon details
Linked attribute(s):Water Magic
Damage type(s):Cold damage
PvP reward type: Basic (Canthan / metal skin)
Common:Wood Planks (core, prophecies)
Rare:Steel Ingots (canthan, elonian)


The Water Staff is an Elementalist staff. It inflicts cold damage, is tied to the Water Magic attribute and provides an energy bonus. There are four types of Water Staves.

  • One is a barbed wooden staff identical in appearance to a Dead Staff.
  • The second type, introduced in the Thursday March 9th update bears a strong resemblance to the Water Wand, with an ice crystal head and a blue spiral shaft.
  • The third type has a black shaft and a metal head, and has been confirmed to drop in both Cantha and Elona.
  • The Tidal Staff used to be called a Water Staff during the Nightfall preview event.


Core Water Staff

    • Prophecies Campaign
      • ... to be added ...
    • Factions Campaign
      • ... to be added ...
    • Nightfall Campaign
      • ... to be added ...

Tyrian / Dead Staff skin Water Staff

  • Prophecies campaign collectors
  • Monsters
    • Prophecies Campaign
      • ... to be added ...

Canthan Water Staff


Dye colors the metal portions of the core Water Staff.

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