This page gives the locations of elite skills for the Warrior at a glance. There are 36 elite Warrior skills.

Axe Mastery

Cleave Cleave (Core)

Decapitate Decapitate (Nightfall)

Eviscerate Eviscerate (Prophecies)

Triple Chop Triple Chop (Factions)

Whirling Axe Whirling Axe (Factions)

Hammer Mastery

Backbreaker Backbreaker (Prophecies)

Devastating Hammer Devastating Hammer (Core)

Earth Shaker Earth Shaker (Prophecies)

Enraged Smash Enraged Smash (Factions)

Forceful Blow Forceful Blow (Factions)

Magehunter's Smash Magehunter's Smash (Nightfall)


Battle Rage Battle Rage (Core)

Bull's Charge Bull's Charge (Prophecies)

Charging Strike Charging Strike (Nightfall)

Defy Pain Defy Pain (Prophecies)

Dwarven Battle Stance Dwarven Battle Stance (Prophecies)

Flourish Flourish (Prophecies)

Headbutt Headbutt (Nightfall)

Magehunter Strike Magehunter Strike (Nightfall)

Primal Rage Primal Rage (Factions)

Rage of the Ntouka Rage of the Ntouka (Nightfall)

Warrior's Endurance Warrior's Endurance (Prophecies)


Crippling Slash Crippling Slash (Nightfall)

Dragon Slash Dragon Slash (Factions)

Hundred Blades Hundred Blades (Core)

Quivering Blade Quivering Blade (Factions)


"Charge!" "Charge!" (Core)

Auspicious Parry Auspicious Parry (Factions)

Gladiator's Defense Gladiator's Defense (Prophecies)

Shove Shove (Factions)

Soldier's Stance Soldier's Stance (Nightfall)

Steady Stance Steady Stance (Nightfall)

"Victory is Mine!" "Victory is Mine!" (Prophecies)

No Attribute

"Coward!" "Coward!" (Factions)

"You're All Alone!" "You're All Alone!" (Nightfall)

Skull Crack Skull Crack (Prophecies)

Elite skill locations

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