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Warmaster Tydus
Species: Human
Profession: Pre-Searing: Warrior/Elementalist
Most of Post-Searing: Ranger
Endgame Area: Warrior/Elementalist
Level(s): 2, 8

Sir Tydus, Pre-Searing

Sir Tydus gives the quest that takes players to post-Searing.

Quests given

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"Hello again, friend! I hope our fair city is treating you well. Is there anything you'd like to know more about? "

Warmaster Tydus, Post-Searing

Warmaster Tydus gives out the quests that start players on the path of the Prophecies campaign.

Quests given

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  • "If it happens in Ascalon City, it's because I say so.
  • Don't waste my time. What do you want?"


Pre vs. Post-Searing Differences

After the Searing, Sir Tydus becomes Warmaster Tydus. Below are some examples of how he changes over that period:

Category Pre-Searing Post-Searing Notes
Name Sir Tydus Warmaster Tydus Presumably, he earns a battlefield promotion during the Searing.
Appearance Looking sharp Wears an eye patch; clothes are threadbare. There's no evidence as to whether he lost an eye during the Searing, in a duel, or through carelessness.
Weapon Sword/Shield Bow Anomaly: Sir Tydus tells pre-Searing characters of his own skepticism about second professions before choosing elementalist.
Sword/Shield In the Prophecies end-game area (after completion of Hell's Precipice), he appears in new armor, wielding a new sword and shield.
Memory Sharp Forgetful Warmaster Tydus says, "I hope you saw it (Ascalon City) before the Searing."

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