Inquisitor Lashona
Wanted by SB
Shining Blade bounty
5,000 XP
1,000 Gold
20 War Supplies
10 Bonus
30 total
Inquisitor Lashona map



"Inquisitor Lashona is wanted for crimes against the Krytan people and the flagrant abuse of his authority. Lashona was last seen in North Kryta Province. Eliminate this menace and claim your bounty from Queen Salma."

War in Kryta Quests
Medal of Honor
Wanted: Inquisitor BauerWanted: Inquisitor LashonaWanted: Inquisitor Lovisa
Riverside AssassinationA Little Help From AboveTemple of the IntolerableMustering a ResponseThe Battle for Lion's Arch
Recharge Shining Blade Bounties

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