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A generally derogatory term for characters with the primary profession Warrior and secondary Monk, reminiscent of the Paladin archetype found in many RPG's. Often used as a synonym to describe a player who doesn't understand the basics of the game.

The term "wammo" comes from the phonetical pronunciation multi-class combination of W/Mo, or Wa-Mo, while the harsher version "whammo" carries a slightly more negative connotation. Whammo is derived from the sound "wham", which simulates the sound of a slammed door, implies the focus on brute force and lack of tactics and skill, a major concern with wammos.

This profession combination is no less effective than any other Warrior secondary, but the poor performance and relative commonality of the Healing Prayers Warriors have created a sour feeling around Warrior Monks. The stereotypical "whammo" using Mending is still a common joke among Guild Wars players.

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