Species: Forgotten
Level(s): 20


Virashak provides information on Ravenheart Gloom, one of the exits from the Gate of Anguish.



"Beyond the Gate of Anguish lies the Ravenheart Gloom."
Tell me about the Ravenheart Gloom.
"Ravenheart Gloom is a never-ending plane blanketed in darkness. Some say that it leads through the Mists to places even more foreboding than the Realm of Torment, though none who have ventured such paths have returned to tell their tale. It is there that the Order of Whispers fights a desperate battle against a greater darkness and its allies."
What creatures inhabit Ravenheart Gloom?
"This vast plane of shadow is plagued by torment creatures. Demons lurk within the repressive darkness, waiting to step through rifts that give them passage to Elona, Tyria, and beyond. Within these dark confines Balthazar's accursed half-brother Menzies has staged his forces. With Abaddon defeated, they turn now to fight alongside Mallyx the Unyielding in desperation."

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