Species: Human
Level(s): 10

Viing can be found walking in a looped path in Wajjun Bazaar. At certain points in his journey he recites poetry.



He uses the generic Canthan Peasant dialogue.


When he stops by Officer Chitaro, he recites this poem:

"High atop the Stone Summit,
People saw great Rurik plummet.
Buried there beneath the snow
"Hurry people, to Kryta. Go!"
One swift chop, one swift blow
Ascalon's leader was no more
Left behind but not forgotten
Rurik's soul remains a sign
Of everything they left behind."

He recites the following after walking down the stairs towards Captain Joran:

"Nevermore to grow again
Seeds misplaced by foolish men.
Leaves preserved the Shape of Heart.
Have forever played their part.
Where have all the Heart Trees gone,
Spread their ashes all around
Once a treasure of our land
Protected travelers in their hand.
The fruit of hearts bloomed in the sun
Their flowers loved by all and one.
The Heart Tree now, preserved as story
For future generations myth and glory."

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