Skill details
Vial of Purified Water
Vial of Purified Water
Campaign: Nightfall
Profession: None
Attribute: Unlinked
Type: Hex Spell
        2 Activation 15 Recharge

Full: The purified waters of the vial affect one target for 10 seconds. Harbingers become vulnerable to damage from all sources.

Concise: The purified waters of the vial affect one target (10 seconds). Harbingers become vulnerable to damage from all sources.


This is a temporary skill that can only be obtained and used during the Nundu Bay mission. It is used to defeat the Harbingers of Twilight and the Harbinger of Nightfall. The skill is obtained from Elder Jonah at the beginning of the mission, and remains in your skill bar until the mission is over if you choose to equip it instead one of your other skills.


  • Unlike most other hexes, Vial of Purified Water is a projectile spell, which means that you need a clear line of sight.
  • Although it is not mentioned in the description, this skill inflicts 50 armor ignoring damage and interrupts spells. This means if you "accidentally" cast it on one of the Margonites, it isn't wasted. The damage effect takes place before the invulnerability removal effect, so if a Vial of Purified Water is used against a Harbinger of Twilight who is not already hexed with Vial of Purified Water, it will not damage it.
  • The Lightbringer title impacts the damage done successfully.
  • Because Vial of Purified Water is a spell, it can be copied by either Echo or Arcane Echo and is affected by halves skill recharge mods.
  • This will make Margonites under the effects of Abaddon's Chosen become vulnerable.


The Vial of Purified Water may be inspired by the belief held by some that holy water may be used as an apotrope against evil supernatural creatures like demons or vampires.

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