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Venta Cemetery (location)

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Venta Cemetery
Venta Cemetery
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Mission location
Part of: Kourna
Sunward Marches,
Turai's Procession

For information on the mission, see Venta Cemetery (mission).


Originally a graveyard reserved for Kournans slain by Centaurs, Venta Cemetery has blossomed into a small, walled town where market stalls share space with the headstones. While the occasional Centaur will trade with "two-legs" here, the gates are locked at night and guards are posted at the walls.

Completing the quest that brought you here will change the outpost icon on the map into a mission location icon.

Getting there

Complete the quest And a Hero Shall Lead Them. Venta Cemetery is at the northeastern end of the Sunward Marches.






  • The map in the Nightfall Collector's Edition shows that this outpost was originally named "Cemetary of Dunahm"

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