Veldrunner Centaur
Veldrunner Centaur (Boss)
Species: Centaur
Profession: Ranger
Level(s): 24
Veldrunnen Centaur Map
Possible location


Veldrunner Centaur is a Centaur ranger boss who allies with you in the Kodonur Crossroads (mission) after you have freed him from a prison cell. He has the exactly same name as the Veldrunner Centaurs who join you during the mission, but his level is 24 instead of 20 and he has the ranger boss aura.


Skills used


  • Getting the Veldrunner Centaur killed can allow you to capture the elite skill Smoke Trap well before it becomes available from an enemy boss. The easiest way to accomplish this is to have one member of the party run to the cell where he is locked and open it. Then the party member runs away, leaving the Veldrunner Centaur to be killed by the enemy mobs.

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