Veldrunner Centaur
Veldrunner Centaur
Species: Centaur
Profession: Ranger
Level(s): 20
Disambiguous This article is about the npcs named Veldrunner Centaur. For the ranger boss of the same name, see Veldrunner Centaur (Boss).


These creatures ally with you after you set them free in the Kodonur Crossroads (mission). There are five of them. They use traps to protect themself and you from danger.


Skills used


"For the pride!"


When freed, these lines may appear:

"Thank you for coming to our aid! We will teach these Kournans what it means to mess with the Veldrunner pride!"
"Ahai, Zhed Shadowhoof. We shall join your rebellion!"
"Freedom or death! The Veldrunner pride will be shackled no longer!"
"Watch your backside, or you'll get spanked!"

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