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Species: Human
Profession: Mesmer
Level(s): 2

Vassar, Pre-Searing

Vassar is a flamboyant Mesmer profession trainer in Ascalon. Prior to the Searing, he could be found in Foible's Fair, courting Ralena Stormbringer. He looks down upon direct damage-dealing professions like the warrior and elementalist, preferring the subtle and manipulative touch of a mesmer.

Quests Given



"My name is Vassar... perhaps you've heard of me. I am known as the regional expert in the art of Domination. What would you like to discuss with me?"

Vassar, Post-Searing

Vassar helps tend to the Sanitarium after the Searing.

Quests Given



"Welcome friend, it's good to see a friendly face in these trying times.
What would you like to discuss with me?"

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