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Vasili Lutgardis
Vasili Lutgardis
Species: Human
Level(s): 10


Vasili Lutgardis makes musical instruments for his people and can be found in House zu Heltzer. He has made a business of selling exotic musical instruments made of rare components found in mythical creatures (as well as cheap replicas of those instruments). He offers a few quests pertaining to the acquisition of these rare components.

Quests Given



"I see my reputation precedes me! You must be a lover of music like myself, or you would not have sought me out. Yes, it is I, Vasili Lutgardis, the most renowned instrument crafter on the continent! For did I not design the Great Organ of House zu Heltzer? Am I not the visionary that visualized the thirteen-valved thimble-horn?
And yet, I cannot feel completely at ease. There are always even more magnificent instruments to be created..."

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