Species: Human
Level(s): 10


Vash is a Kurzick operative who gives players access to a secret way into Urgoz's Warren and asks them to help destroy the corrupted forest spirit.



"Years ago, Urgoz was the protector of Echovald Forest. At that time, we Kurzicks worked in tandem with Urgoz and his Wardens, maintaining order and balance within the forest, and keeping it free from any evil taint. After the Jade Wind passed over Echovald, the Wardens became increasingly violent, attacking our people on sight, and Urgoz himself is now more of a demon lord than forest guardian. Perhaps this sounds extreme, but I really don't think he will be satisfied until he has slain every last one of us. We need to destroy him before there are any more Kurzick casualties. By chance, I have found a secret way into his very lair. If you are up to the challenge and wish to show your loyalty to my people, I will send you in there." [sic]

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