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Most regular weapons are always linked to a specific attribute. For example, the Ritualist Cane is always linked to Channeling Magic (and always deal Lightning Damage). A variable attribute item, on the other hand, can be linked to any one of a number of attributes. Examples of variable attribute items include Bladed Shields, Celestial Scepters, Shadow Staves, and Jugs.

Note that items such as Deldrimor Staff does not technically count as "variable attribute", as there are not actual items named "Deldrimor Staff" that have different attribute requirement. Rather, "Deldrimor Staff" is a collective shorthand for weapons such as "Deldrimore Domination Staff", "Deldrimore Illusion Staff" etc, which are different weapons.

Martial weapons
  • There are no martial weapons with variable attributes. They are always linked to the related "Mastery" attribute.

Some variable attribute shields are specific to Warriors, and can be tied to either Strength or Tactics. Likewise some are specific to Paragons, tied to either Command or Motivation and some can be tied to any of the four attributes. And there are general variable attribute shields whose possible attributes cover both Warrior and Paragon support attributes.

Caster items

Like shields, some caster primary weapons with variable attribute are restricted to within the profession (such as Cane), whereas some could be from any profession. See the table below for the list of possible attributes in a variable weapon (example, a staff that has variable attribute would not be linked to Fast Casting, whereas a focus item that has variable attribute would always be linked to a caster primary attribute).

Profession Weapon Damage Shield1 Wand Staff Focus Item
Fire   Divine Favor Divine Favor Divine Favor
Light   Smiting Prayers Smiting Prayers  
        Soul Reaping
Dark   Blood Magic Blood Magic  
Dark   Curses Curses  
Cold   Death Magic Curses  
        Fast Casting
Chaos   Domination Magic Domination Magic  
Chaos   Illusion Magic Illusion Magic  
        Energy Storage
Lightning   Air Magic Air Magic  
Earth   Earth Magic Earth Magic  
Fire   Fire Magic Fire Magic  
Cold   Water Magic Water Magic  
Factions campaign
Elemental (any)   Spawning Power Spawning Power Spawning Power
Elemental (any)   Channeling Magic Channeling Magic  
Elemental (any)   Communing Communing  
Elemental (any)   Restoration Magic Restoration Magic  
Nightfall campaign

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