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Vabbian Guard
Vabbian Guard
Species: Human
Profession: Warrior or
Level(s): 20


Vabbian Guards are the main defenders of Vabbi, seen in the various regions of this area.


Skills used




After completing Tihark Orchard (mission):

"They're hunting Sunspears across the plains now, like rabid animals."
"Three more weeks, and I'll have enough money to craft that new armor."
"Something about a party? ... Go away, I have no time for such foolness."
"Hunting Sunspears and working with the greatest leader Kourna's ever known, how I envy Varesh's troops."
"I wish I was home taking a nap."
"Can't we just pay Varesh not to have Nightfall?"

After completing Grand Court of Sebelkeh (mission):

"If Varesh is really dead, I'll eat my helmet."
"They'd never have done that to a Temple of Grenth, I tell you."
"There is a difference between facing the darkness and going blind."
"The moon was ringed last night, and I saw three shooting stars.... These are omens of Nightfall."
"Such a tragedy at the Temple of Lyssa."

After completing Ruins of Morah (mission):

"It's over. It's all over. There's nothing left."
"Nightfall's coming, and I can't find my son. Have you seen him?"
"Stand your ground. It's all we have left."
"This is all strangely familiar."


  • When killed, the tag on this character says Corpse of Vabbi Guard, instead of the expected Corpse of Vabbian Guard.

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