We've been starting some work on making this wiki readable again after the color theme change. Unfortunately, we're running into issues where it's hard to make it look good in both the dark Oasis and the white Monobook skins, and we have to make compromises and work-arounds to avoid "breaking" the page in the other skin. It's increasing the workload on the editors, and in my opinion is bound for failure anyway, unless everything is just bland and limited to a small handful of colors that each must be defined differently between the skins by using classes (See the Sandbox for examples).

What do you think of changing the color theme of Monobook to be closer to the current Oasis colors? It would still be functionally Monobook, but it will make it infinitely easier to edit without worrying that something will be unreadable or ugly in the other skin.

Mostly I would like to hear two things: Why not make this change? And do you have any alternative suggestions?

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