All these words and phrases are banned:

  • Christmas
    • From 1st January - 1st December inclusive
  • Cyber-anything
    • Seriously, it sounds LAME
  • anything-fag
    • Return to /b/
  • lulz
    • Similarly annoying variants of "lol" are also banned
  • "Jokes"
    • As a substitute for "I'm joking" - half as short, double the annoyance
  • Deliberate grammar mistakes for fun
    • Seriously
  • The use of the following shortenings, excluding text message
    • 4 in place of four, for or fore
    • u in place of you
    • y in place of why?

Failure to comply will mean death. RandomTime 21:45, October 5, 2009 (UTC)

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