Firstly, thanks Anet for finally giving us something worthwhile to do with the whole War in Kryta thing, I was beginning to give up hope. (No thanks Wikia, who have managed to make WikEd crash my browser on this blog page thing). Anyway, I have collected in my travels a total of 3 gifts, and come to a conclusion. Anet hates me, I'm not sure exactly when this conclusion came about, but - really, they hate me. I can deduce this from the drops I have got from the royal gifts, these are:

  1. Adventurer's Insight
  2. Hunter's Insight

Not bad, I suppose, I don't use scrolls, and have too many in my storage, but I can sell them for gold (I don't find them useful, yes, more XP means less DP, but I'm normally fine for DP, and I'd rather use my inventory space for loot in HM, I've also got enough XP, prehaps more than enough XP. If I had the gold (and the urge to), I could buy the SoCs to max the skill capping titles with my skill points, the point is: I don't need XP, Anet seems to insist on giving me XP though, as shown by these scrolls - perhaps I should do survivor with all the scrolls, pah). Anyhoo, I get the 2 scrolls, and put them in storage, secretly wanting a mini. After the next quest, I ask the gift guy for a gift, and he gives it to me. Guess what's inside?

  • A mini?
    • Not this time, but I suppose the drop rate's quite low for them.
  • A war horn?
    • That'd also be cool, might help out on HM, but no - unfortunately not
  • Some sweets or booze?
    • Nope.
  • A star of transference?
    • How can you tell? Was it the livid expression on my face? Was it the fact that I mentioned earlier in the article that I almost never used skill points, and that when I did, I had too many of them. Perhaps it's the fact that Anet gives people crazy XP, but this has to be the worst drop ever, I have never ran out of skill points whilst playing GW, and I never will. Anet, give us less crappy drops.

If anyone wants the star, comment or talk to me in game, otherwise, I'll salvage it.

Still wanting that mini. -- RandomTime 22:08, May 23, 2010 (UTC)

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