Incase you missed it, GW2 now has a trailer. It's about 5 mins long, and I'm going to give some opinions. It was mostly concept art, but there were a few awesome things:

Things that looked awesome

  • The day/night sweep, I may speculate that GW2 will have day/night, but I can't be certain that this is the case, anyway - night looks much better than night in EQ2, and in Oblivion, the moon effect was beautiful (<3).
  • Some of the Asuran tech looked immense
  • Water effects and underwater environments are top class
  • Running animations (for what seemed to be charr)
  • Environments in general are top class
  • The music, a redux of the GW:EN overture was probably the best thing about the trailer.


  • Looks like there won't be a good/evil race split (something to rolplay only, perhaps). Mentions races allying
  • Some of the gameplay footage looked like GW1 footage, nothing too new
  • Keep in mind the final trailer for GW1, which used artistic license up the wazoo.

Comments most welcome

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