If you're a warrior, you eventually learn to understand that a warrior and his weapons should not be separated. Sure, you could dedicate an entire bank panel to weapons you've customed and are using, but that's a little impractical. Here is what's in my inventory : multiple types of swords , multiple types of axes, 2 types of hammers , staffs , daggers, spear, scythe, Mallyx longbow (for pulling), 1 extra armorset (radiant) + hammer&KD gauntlets

As you can understand, this means that for me, the biggest backpack was the only option. but let's look behond that for a moment and talk about tech weapons.

Now, I'm sure you all sometimes vary builds , and depending on the builds, the weaponry requirements can change. This is why i always keep a req 9 or 10 inscribable weapon called a "tech" weapon. Even if the thing is fugly as hell, it doesn't really matter. What's important is that this is the weapon that will get changed often to suit whatever build you're doing, swapping in and out mods using a perfect salvage kit ( which is hyper cheap to obtain too) giving you no chance of breakage.

Need a fire sword? (swip,clunk,chack) Oh yeah, I got a fire fire. Need a zel sword? (swip,clunk,chack) No problem.

I carry a tech swd and axe at all times, and it saves you so much grief (and inventory spots). No more carrying 6 different types of swords! Space is the new frontier for warriors, after all.

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