Hello again, and let me welcome you to yet another post on the magic of 100blades.

I highly recommend reading an earlier post of mine :Understanding the principles behind the 100b build to really get where i'm coming from.

The 100b warrior is only 1 part of the complete manly-style spike. 3 more key skills play a part in delivering group annihilating damage : The mark of pain, the splintered weapon and the edge of extinction. I'll explain the roles associated with each of these key skills, and revisit my damage scenario with the complete spike put in.

Mark of pain is THE most important non warrior skill associated with the complete 100b spike. The way it works is rather simple : You hit whoever's marked with physical damage, everyone around him takes damage. Mark of pain has mob control uses as well, and if enemies take too many MOP hits, they tend to "run away" after a while. But it's secondary to us, since a spike done right will leave only a single survivor, the marked one. (or none, if enough enemies go down. I'll explain the edge later).

Splinter weapon does miniature explosions with every hit, up to 4-5ish times per application. It doesn't seem much, but as you'll see later, every bit helps.

The edge is a special case. You want to have edge of extinction active because of the domino effect it will provide. Simply put, if you hurt them enough, sometimes all you may need is for a single one of the enemies to die. EOE damages everything of that type once. oh noes, 2 more guys died! EOE EOE. which kills more of them, which triggers more EOE and suddenly there isn't much of the enemies standing anymore.

I feel numbers will better explain .

Tank groups 5 enemies in a tight ball. EOE is active, the 100b is splintered and MArk of pain is applied to one of the enemies in the ball. Warrior jumps in and uses combos of skills to instacharge whirlwind attack (4gr8justice+to_the_limit / 4gr8justice+lbsig ). He whirls.

What happens next is that a bunch of numbers appear everywhere. For simplicity we'll estimate actual 100b damage @ 11 per hit. mop @ 40 and splinter @ 35.

5 enemies are hit by whirl, which translates into 25 100b hits in total (5 times each + whirl damage) The first 4 hits trigger splinter, which hit everything (4 times splinter on everything) Which translates into 10 hits on the marked target.

So marked target gets (55 damage + whirl + 140) damage in total. Everyone around the marked guy gets (55 + whirl + 400 MoP damage + 140 splinter) damage EACH

By then, Sun and moon slash is charged. The followthru helps clear things up with more MOP damage on the guys around the marked one and trigger EOE a bunch of times. By then you've got only the marked target left, Which can be fully taken care of by nukers, spiritwall, or a slower hack and slash finish from the 100b war.

What if you got 10 enemies in the ball ? 10 whirl hits + 4 splinter explosions + 10 times 100b damage. Everything around the marked enemy takes 110dmg (100b) + 140dmg (splinter) + 600dmg (MoP) for approx 850+whirl damage (each). Which triggers EOE a couple times, probably taking down the marked one.

And there you have it folks : the complete spike, explained with math! Remember to use a physical blade ( zealous really helps with energy management) otherwise Mark of pain ( which does most of the damage) will not trigger. So leave the flashy FDS and IDS at home folks!

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