Immediatly upon entrance into the Fissure of Woe, the players will find themselves in a blasted wasteland of rocks, surrounded by the shadow armies, a burning tower to the north.

Your immediate objective should be to get out of the way, falling back close to Rastigan the Eternal. Make sure no one takes the quest, as otherwise it could endanger the whole group ( with Rastigan rushing ahead to get wasted by abyssals and shadow rangers )

Usually this is where you will see if the group makes it or not. If your tank can get in there and reasonably keep the enemies distracted without having the enemies breaking aggression on him to scatter towards the squishy backline, then things could be good. If there are problems with builds, such as elementarist spells that cause scatter, bad non working build, and everything else, then sometimes it may be wiser to /resign, reskill and retry immediatly. Of course, the ones reskilling or modifying things should pitch in for the second entrance fee, as a matter of fairness.

Eventually working your way towards the tower of courage, your group will encounter groups formed of abyssals and shadow rangers patroling around the tower of courage. Abyssals can be nasty for the simple matter that they have hammer-equivalent knockdown builds, which can be problematic depending on your build. But if your tank can tank the abyssals without issue, then you should be fine.... just make sure not to be grouped up too tight, as the shadows rangers can still turn around and barrage the backline.

Eventually as most of the shadow patrols around the tower of courage are eliminated, Rastigan will move up from his position and climb the hills towards the tower, cheering you and asking that you remove the rest of the shadow army. Eventually when all tower patrols are gone, he will cast a gate spell on the tower to allow you entrance. the three enemies inside can be easely body blocked at the door for a safe tanking.

By the deaths of the last enemies inside the tower of courage, you are done for the very first part of the fissure of Woe, The tower of courage. Get the followup quest called "the wailing lord" but don't complete it just yet : you are going to free the eternal army commanders from the ancient battlefield up next.

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