So me and a good friend Today raided the Darkrime delves. In normal mode, the dungeon took us approximatly 2 hours to complete, and this is mostly because we had to backtrack a lot on the first floor. I liked the instance, it had a nicely ramping up difficulty, a lot of Jotuns were slain and i enjoyed watching stone summit fools being crushed like the ridiculous muppets that they are.

The accompanying NPCs never ceased to entertain, and their banter actually helped the instance feel like one overlong Norm-style brawl. At one point, the amount of heavy iron chains going to the basement had me shooting off jokes to the likes of "We're gonna find the mysterious thing at the bottom of the place is a jotun S&M dungeon". All in all, a good time was to be had, even if we were only 2 players and some heroes.

This week I brought for the dungeon my infamous petwarrior build : a build using PVE pet additional damage. I still consider the build in progress, but i still think it's interesting enough.

Quivering Blade Barbarous Slice Galrath Slash Scavenger Strike Lion's Comfort Antidote Signet Never Rampage Alone Comfort Animal

I like it. With a Dire pet, it deals sustained high DPS. Causing conditions and immediatly using the pet attack usually helps you regain enough energy to re-apply Never Rampage Alone while in battle. Another nice aspect of the build is that even when self healing/curing, the pet keeps applying more damage, keeping the pressure up even when you're otherwise occupied.

Next week's post is gonna be something special : BUILD OF THE WEEK! Anyone bringing me a useful/interesting Warrior build gets a chance to loot from my stash of inscribable weapons , as long as you're willing to be having your picture taken for posterity while explaining the appeal of your build.

Until next week people!

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