Things have been settling down with the end of summer at the temple of the ages, and getting a group together for an evening of Fissure of Woe or Underworld on normal is getting harder and harder. Once I actually counted about 50 assassins in the zone with 20 from other professions. At this rate of growth, I predict only assassins will play this game in 2 years ! Ok, maybe not, but still, it's getting pretty ridiculous in here.

I figure i might as well go over builds, since this is what people seem to comment the most over.

Counterattack Standing Slash Whirlwind Attack Lion's Comfort Defy Pain "I Am Unstoppable!" Drunken Master Rebirth

This is what I like to call my drunken Fow build. With the armorset I'm using, it's usually enough to get 0 damage from most attacks while in Fow normal, it allows for a modicrum of damage to be done, and has the all important ebirth for those times where people die or half the party dies and you're one of the few people standing. I am unstoppable serves as extra armor as insurance that i'll get my necessary 4 adren to get things started (with my furious sword) and also serves to keep me up when fighting abyssals. The build is also usable for Underworld normal, but might be borderline on the aataxes because of their riposte skills. I'm working on some kind of hybrid build for underworld anyhow.

Cyclone Axe Penetrating Blow Lion's Comfort Defy Pain "I Am Unstoppable!" Drunken Master Feel No Pain Rebirth

This is the DRUNKASS build i've been favoring for tanking while drunkass! I am happy to report that the drunkard title goes up and it's been working very nicely. Still, drunkatanking is something that is both fun and confusing to do, especially when you start mixing different kinds of boozes. I've also found using my wing's Axe helps with the slightly increased energy expense required for this build. I've also used it to great humorous effect in the lair of the snowmen and plan on using it in other places.

Vengeful Was Khanhei Weapon of Warding "I Am Unstoppable!" "You Are All Weaklings!" Mental Block Pious Restoration Natural Healing Vow of Piety

This build is something a little more interesting. It was used by a dervish called Severine for maintanking the fissure of woe. I must say that I was somewhat resistant at first, until i saw that the build seems to work somewhat decently in the fissure. I'm submitting it for comments, Since i found it a different approach to tanking that did seem to work. In fact, I was pretty damn impressed, but I still wonder if regen is better than absorption, especially for tanking purposes.

In other news i was finally able to dedicate some more destroyer weapons in the various halls of monuments, giving me a combine hall featuring shield, axe, sword, hammer, recurve bow and fast casting staff. Let's just say that when GW2 hits, i'll have at the minimum some toys to play with. I'm also happy to report that i've finally capped a spider this week, and that makes me happy.... even tho it was only elder, 2K balth spent at the zaishen menagerie ensured that i have now a nice little dire spider to play with on all my accounts, and that makes me happy.

Until then, i'll end this with some mesmer love, since i heard of the mesmer meet this weekend from Lyn Dillies, and mesmers will always need more love. I told him to submit my Aoe Degen build to them, and i'll even drop my mesmer banner for now. Until then, Happy dungeoneering people!

Accumulated Pain The Warrior Union supports the creation of a sister union for all of our oft-ignored, commonly bitched at, Mesmer brothas and sistas. United we will conquer!

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