This week i've done Fow numerous times and managed some completes with my warrior, and also tried out with my special Aoe degen mesmer, a build which also happens to be quite usable in The underworld too. Visions of Regret is something that getting a balthazar unlock followed by an elite tome did not feel like a waste, especially sice the thing is deep into vabbi, and my mesmer is still someplace near sunspears.

Visions of Regret Cry of Pain Signet of Corruption Wastrel's Demise Ether Nightmare Weaken Armor Hex Eater Signet Energy Tap

I've also noticed the rise of the "spiritway" spirit spam builds which use spirits as tanks, quite literally. With the boost to signet of spirits, usage of Armor of unfeeling , vampirism and others , it does work somewhat. The only issue here is control : if you have 6 spirits hitting a bunch of painful bonded enemies, depending the hate built by the tank, he may lose aggro to the spirits, which could potentially be bad. However, knockdown and other anticaster effects seem to be useless against the spirits, and this also allows some kind of a fallback position when everything else fails.

Signet of Spirits Vampirism Pain Bloodsong Summon Spirits Painful Bond Armor of Unfeeling Flesh of My Flesh

I believe it was on wednesday, While forming a regular clear group one of the monks insisted on Hard mode or bust. Figured out that we could try it, and went with a more static tank build I was getting ready. Everyone seemed ready, we had a good group happening, things were looking good. Until we zone to the fissure on hard, with a bad spawn of the shadow army attacking us as we spawn in. The brutality and surprise of the attack made us wipe in literally a minute. So i shrugged and repaid again.

This time, while we lasted more than a minute, the fact that the guy that was supposed to sectank tried to to me....while hexed with mark of pain... while i was dealing with my own problems suddenly made short work of us all. I do believe some of the nukers were also a little too trigger happy, opening up before either of us got aggro... The whole thing ended being a completer clusterfuck of fail, which made me realise that maybe the new tank build just wasn't cutting it for hard mode. Back to regular fow for this warrior, oh yes.

I detest this place,like a sickness. --Do the right thing
The hard mode debacle was the drop that made me work on acquiring a really good norm tanking skill, I an unbeatable. The only problem was that the last guy in the quest just before the griffons was in the scepulchure of daggrimar, and protected by a litteral army of bitch ranger mobs with bastard builds including frozen soil. I hate having heroes for these kind of bullshit instances... they always find a novel way to get wasted standing next to traps because they too stupid to notice. So i got some help. Even with help, the place was simply a way to get more and more enraged. What a truly revolting dungeon filled with bullshit after bullshit after more bitch casting mobs bullshit. and mesmers.... lots of em.

Finally got the guy down.... but it was only the beginning of the other bullshit, That stupid griffon quest. Interruption approaches were rendered completely useless with the instacasting of spirits... so i had to go back and do Dragon's Lair for Grenth's Balance to help me finish off the stupid bird and his spirits..... but now i'm not gonna be on my ass that much anymore, and i'll still be mobile, which is a good thing.

Until then, i'll keep working and reporting on my Temple of the Ages hijinks, highlighting interesting build approaches and things of interest.

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