As a warrior I've always been interested in being, pretty much, a master of weapons. But let's face it : making effective builds for all weapon types can be daunting, especially when you consider the energy requirements of weapons such as daggers and scythes ( which work for their professions based on the fact that they have superior base energy and recharge, if not extra ways of gaining energy).

But inspired by Dwarven boxing and having re-discovered Warrior's Endurance ( I seriously can't remember is the old one that could be perma-maintained. Whether they changed it or not, it's suddenly usable ) I came up with a fun little attack build for warriors. The Dwarven smackdown build!

Jagged Strike Fox Fangs Death Blossom Whirlwind Attack Lion's Comfort Warrior's Endurance Drunken Master Great Dwarf Armor

Using Zealous modded thunderfist brass knuckles this build gets 4 energy per hit, and pretty much allows you to completely rampage with lightning fast combos ( fact : first combo is done in less than 4 seconds after contact. Second is following close behind). The amazing power and nice AOE damage generated by this build have made me downright reckless at times, but it's just too much fun. The first two skills insta-striking ( with half a second attack time) make it even more beautiful.

As for dungeoneering, i've been hoping to give a go to Arachni or the Darkrime delves, but things haven't worked out for that yet. However i've obtained protector of cantha and depending on timing, could probably get tyrian protector soon. Until then, Enjoy!

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