To begin the series, I guess stating the things that everyone should know before thinking of going in there could be a good start.

- Have your shit together. Truly competitive builds require having most campaigns. While it is possible to string something together with a single campaign or two, some of the "key classic builds" like 100b require skills from all campaigns.

- Understand your build. Getting a new build from PvX does not mean you're fucking pro at it. Learn all about your build, it's advantages and weaknesses.

- RENEWABLE rez only. Because there is only a single morale boost in the entire zone, any kind of rez sig rechaged by morale is useless. Don't fucking bother.

- Rebirth over regular rez, if possible. This is simply that in cases of near wipe, it is possible to rez the whole team safely.

- Not all builds work well in fow. Teams need to be well oiled, well constructed machines. Try to get your build working in synergy with the ones from your team. This is especially true of skills that cause SCATTER ( which is very bad, since it breaks tank aggro, leaving enemies running directly for the squishy casters in the backline ).

- Build the team right. Try to get at least a tank, two healers and some damage dealers in the team. There are several ways of doing damage, and some people prefer two tanks, which is fine. Do account for possible leavers.

- Not all ninja tankers are the same. Some truly suck, while some truly work. Sadly, it's usually difficult to tell until they fail. This is why groups often get a secondary tank.

- If you're new, follow instructions. Some quests shouldn't be taken until everyone is ready and the quest is READY TO BE TAKEN. Often groups will clear areas before doing a quest. Don't be that noob that gets the quest.

Some of the Jargon could also be useful for newbies to the temple of the ages :

Cons : A collection of eye of the north power items, usually burned by hard mode groups to get an edge.

FOWSC and UWSC : Fissure of Woe and Underworld Speed clear groups. Groups designed to clear the instances in record breaking short times. Also usually requiring extremely unflexible builds.

100b : A special type of amplification build for warriors using the new hundred blades with multiple attacks like whirlwind and sun&moon. Can do a lot of damage very quickly, but requires enemies to be grouped up closely and is vulnerable to hexing.

Tank : A build that's designed to take it. Either thru superior armor and absorbtion or thru a combination of special skills working together. A well designed tank build will get zero damage from most enemies attacks, or be able to self-heal whatever goes thru. The tank's job is to hold the enemies forward so the damage dealers ( the backline) can destroy the enemies.

EoE build : A ritualist using Edge of extinction working in conjunction with 100bs and sin shadow form tanks.

T1, T2 = primary and secondary tank.

Wastes, pits, vale, plains : areas of the underworld. Some farm builds ( mostly assassins) make special builds for clearing areas alone. Yes alone. Ohh, there's a lot that could be said about any of the earlier sentences.

Tomorow i'll keep going on a general overview of the Fissure of Woe, the general tactics used and the quest order usually taken by groups for efficiency purposes.

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