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October 22, 2006
  • Lullysing

    Not only is it xmas-in-july today, but on top of that it will be urgoz zaishen day.

    I was sadly denied on new year's day when i was hosting a party and had guests coming over but now, there is nothing on the agenda and everything is in place for this shrub's elimination. See you in a warden everyone.

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  • Lullysing

    Kaga saves the children! ( a SC drama )

    • Enters Kaga and friends. Kaga is a drunk, dwarven style warrior carrying a Tormented maul. In skullface paintmask.*

    (Click on see more to see the screens. It's worth it)

    And now, the Assassination awaits!

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  • Lullysing

    You know, there are few things that bring a smile to my face, especially since my beloved Domain of anguish has been taken over by the ash-scattering cult of ancestor worship. And these 2 events all happened thru the war in kryta.

    1) When lashona came to visit the ascalonian settlement, accusing everyone of being filty royals and such, the fight itself was relatively easy. HOWEVER the true awesomeness was in the 20 peasants with IWAY helping you give the smackdown to lashona. The more they died, the more they became invincible. ANET, if you're reading this, WE WANT MORE IWAY PEASANTS!

    2) I saw Gwen cry. That owned so much in so many ways. Now all we need is for captain one eye to put the moves on Thack for the circle of awesomeness to be co…

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  • Lullysing

    If you're a warrior, you eventually learn to understand that a warrior and his weapons should not be separated. Sure, you could dedicate an entire bank panel to weapons you've customed and are using, but that's a little impractical. Here is what's in my inventory : multiple types of swords , multiple types of axes, 2 types of hammers , staffs , daggers, spear, scythe, Mallyx longbow (for pulling), 1 extra armorset (radiant) + hammer&KD gauntlets

    As you can understand, this means that for me, the biggest backpack was the only option. but let's look behond that for a moment and talk about tech weapons.

    Now, I'm sure you all sometimes vary builds , and depending on the builds, the weaponry requirements can change. This is why i always keep a r…

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  • Lullysing

    The mantra of mallyx.

    April 13, 2010 by Lullysing

    The mantra of Mallyx is : No hexes, No conditions, No enchantments. These are the rules of Mallyx, and the mantra must be obeyed.

    It is with this final gemset that I, Kaga Konikora claim this armbrace in the heart of Mally'x lair. And with this Armbrace of truth I claim the Tormented Maul.

    Light the darkness, Lightbringer

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