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July 23, 2012
  • I live in Blood Gulch
  • My occupation is College Student, Caboose's RoommateXD
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  • King Thane

    How's it going?

    August 26, 2012 by King Thane

    So the game launched this morning and i was wondering if everyone was excited like i was. Was pretty cool 2 be one of the first 5 in my sever^^, also was happy 2 that my name wasnt taken. So here's my question how are ya'll liking the game so far and what race, class did u pick? I picked a sylvari ranger. Love my pets and really happy that im starting 2 loot green and yellow weapons and armors. Also anyone know what the personal bank is and where u can find it?

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  • King Thane

    So poeple only 3 days till the launch are u ready? I am, I've already decided on my main and other's. I've also caculated everything I'll need 2 make my character, also I've pre-answered the question's for the creation. So my question 2 whoever will answer is What will your Main Be? Mine is Sylvari Ranger. Also what sever? i'm thinking Dragon's Bend.

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  • King Thane

    17 days left till GW2

    August 8, 2012 by King Thane

    Only 17 days left till GuildWars2 release. Been wondering if anyone has pre-order it or will just buy it when it it hits the stores. Also has anyone bought the Collector's Edition and do you think it's worth $150?

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  • King Thane

    I'm new to the GuildWars world and i've already pre-order Guild Wars2. And i have no clue what race or class i want to be. I'd like some some help, for example what race works best with what class. And since I' know 0 people who are planning on playing this game I was wondering what would be best for soloing. So there is everything in a nut shell, also thanks you to anyone who can guide me in some direction.

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