I'm trying out this new blog to see what the big deal is. Rather to see what it is all about.

The curiosity is often about as I have tried LiveJournal, MySpace, blogging on Fubar, wordpress (still have one there), and one under , which you cannot find in the waybackmachine, because ex had used a metadot program. I have one under yahoo, blogspot, and maybe more. Mostly post up poems, but not much else. Apart of me considers those other programs of "statuses" like facebook, yearbook, twitter, etc. to be a sort of a "blog". Also, I think that the userspace on wikis can be one too X-D I did have one as a sub on gww. Had that one deleted along with much else.
got in on a closed beta game and I think this one would do good, just needs more translations. The concept, etc. is a bit different than any game I've played. Similar to Aion (played that), and WoW and slightly gw, but more difficult. Game really has you to think and even try to find where the next quest is. Hardly anyone on enough to tell you where all that's at. X-D Do know that they'd need more servers if they plan to get more people. Servers that won't kick someone off as that's really the only problem I've had, but I'm sort of thinking that it was my router as I've changed routers the other night. Anyway, back to doing some things. Ariyen 17:58, June 2, 2010 (UTC)

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