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Heya everyone... not much intro is needed for me here really, but I'll give you one anyway. My name's Geo, and I'm a twenty-one-year-old male. I'm an Admin here, although not an active one; I do occasionally swing by to dig through the deletion candidates and check messages, but aside from that, I don't do much. (I'm still available in times of need though, I just need to be contacted off-site!)

Need to get in touch with me? The best way is generally through AIM, my username is Jio Derako; I'm also available through MSN at (whichever you choose, just do me a favor and let me know who you are when you message me). E-mail also works, right to my Gmail account. Of course, talk page comments also work, but do note, it's not uncommon for me to forget to check messages here for a month straight. Since I use a number of other sites on a daily basis, send me a message on one of those if, for some reason, none of the above works. Just follow the links in the next paragraph.

If you're really curious, or just feel like stalking, far be it from me to stop you! As a matter of fact, I'll help you out. I have a lot of digital artwork in my deviantART Gallery. I'm also a Bureaucrat (Editorial Board) on Bulbapedia (the biggest Pokémon wiki on the web).

This page was the unfortunate black sheep in my trio of Guild Wars userpages; Official Wiki is a Bios for me and my characters, PvXWiki is my builds, and this one...
...didn't have anything. But then it hit me...
Stories! ...I've been playing this game for over a year now, and I've amassed quite a selection of interesting tidbits of information. Particularly proud moments, funny moments, surprising moments... don't worry, this won't be a page filled with stories of "that time I got three rare tomes to drop in one run"... this is more of a personal page, with some fun info for those of you who want to read it. There's also more "useful" info here too, like mission completion checklists, in case you need that.


▼▼ Stories and Memories ▼▼Edit

PvP Intro
Ah, PvP. The battle of wits and skills between human players... I dislike the presence of the metagame in such arenas as Hero's Ascent and so on, but I love the open-ended Random Arenas and Alliance Battles. Both of which have metagames, of course, but not nearly as predictable or pre-determined.

The battle of wits is my favorite part of any game; I'm always challenging my knowledge whenever I do anything, and having the chance to pit my brain against other players is something I don't ignore often. Especially when I think I can win. Not to mention, having the human element in a battle always makes it more interesting; rarely do I get worthy stories from PvE moments, but it's a common occurrence in PvP. And that's what this section is for; a nice, cozy little spot for me to recount some of my favorite clashes, be it with great players, or... not so great ones. Mostly the latter.


Worth A TryEdit

Hero Battles, Apr. 28th 2009. Here's a new one; a fun story that I had no part in. (I was merely watching this one over my younger brother's shoulder.)

Hero Battles. The Zaishen Challenges have recently been updated to include a Hero Battles Combat quest, so Hero Battles is particularly active today. My younger brother is taking advantage of the currently low overall skill level running around in the arena, and getting some faction using one of the more popular team setups; Palm Strike as the player, with two Monks and a RoJ Dervish as the heroes. Not that it matters what he's running in this particular case.
Let me simply get straight to the chat log for this one. (Jinketsu is my younger brother, the opponent's name has been switched to Heroic Battler because I think it's a funny name.)

Heroic Battler rolls a 100 on a 100-sided die.
Heroic Battler: roll?
Jinketsu Hinote: lol no
Heroic Battler has resigned.
You have gained 50 faction with Balthazar for winning!
You have gained an additional 50 faction with Balthazar for your flawless victory!

For future reference; if you're going to cop out and /roll for your wins, at the very least ask before you roll. Who in their right mind will roll against a 100?

Hypocritical Strikes 'SinEdit

Alliance Battles, Feb. 7th 2009. For once, I only had a very minimal part in this story. It was a random teammate who got the glory here. So there we are; I'm on my Ritualist, Aika Koumajutsu. I'm playing with my younger brother, Juusan Hinote, which is a Strike as One Dervish, and two random teammates we picked up, a Mesmer named Karina Smirnoff and an Elementalist who I can't quite recall the name of. Not that it matters, but I was running a Xinrae's Weapon Smite healer. Fun times, but unfortunately, none of my reversal-kills complained about how cheap I was, so no story there.

So on to the story. It's a fairly normal game; I'm healing, people are dying, points are being gained, and so on. There's one two-person team that's running around; a Monk and a 'Sin. I don't think much of it, it's fairly normal. They get rolled a few times, it's two on four. Also normal.

...until later, this pops up in the chat log.

  • Assassin: stop castin visoins of regret on me plz
  • Assassin: and empathy
  • Aika Koumajutsu: lol.
  • Karina Smirnoff: rofl (in team chat)
  • Aika Koumajutsu: on that note, everyone stop attacking me, it hurts.

This is quite hilarious to me, obviously. If only that worked; pesky anti-melee hexes keeping you down? Just ask your opponent politely to stop casting them, so you can kill them easier. Shortly afterwards, I spot the Assassin as we come up on another shrine. He's all alone, and it's too much to resist, so I announce it in team chat.

  • Aika Koumajutsu: I'm targeting Assassin!
  • Aika Koumajutsu: someone hurry and cast VoR on him.
  • Karina Smirnoff: lmao that's me
  • Aika Koumajutsu: maybe he'll ragequit.
  • Karina Smirnoff: I'm using Visions of Regret on Assassin!

The Assassin is killed pretty quickly. I'm not sure if he got a chance to trigger VoR, but it was certainly on him as he got flattened. His Monk friend, who I had forgotten about, apparently saw the whole thing.

  • Monk: NOOO
  • Monk: you bastards
  • Aika Koumajutsu claps.
  • Monk: he was my friend
  • Assassin: noooo
  • Monk: why did you kill him

I can only assume that the Monk was being humorous, I can't imagine it was a serious question. It's quite a high point of the game for me, however.

Rubber Monks and Glue AssassinsEdit

Alliance Battles, Dec. 15th 2008. Ah, Kaanai. Always such fun on the Kurzick side. (sarcasm.) Tough to win, but happily, usually a breeding-ground for stories such as this one. I'm running Katai Kokoro, my monk, in a rare change of pace. I generally don't enjoy healing as much as I enjoy dealing damage. To be fair, I'm running a Hammer of Dawn Smiting Monk; basically a full-out Smiting Prayers healer, with RoJ for insta-capping shrines (it deals just enough damage to wipe out any shrine that doesn't have a healer in a single cast). Technically a healer build, but deals more then enough damage to keep me happy.

Anyway, it's a pretty solid game; good teammates, running about and capping. Along comes an Assassin - whom I'll be calling "the Assassin" - and guess who he decides to go after. No surprise, hit the Monk. He's running a wonderful little build known as "assacaster"; pretty basic, cookie-cutter, although I'm not sure what his elite was. Being as I'm a Smiter, I fire off RoD on myself as it recharges; I attempted to cast Hammer - er, RoJ - but I forgot about the upcoming Entangling Asp in his chain and failed on that one. No matter; Smite Condition make up for my mistake, and a last RoD kills the Assassin (after watching me nullify the majority of his damage output, he decided that he should go right ahead and fire off all his skills anyway). I wasn't particularly surprised.

...and yet another thing I've come to expect, the local chat follow-up from the victim:

  • the Assassin: Monks= only no how to use one Move
  • Katai Kokoro: and lucky me, that move is RoD.

Someone finds this amusing, and the Assassin stops talking at this point. My team chuckles over it a bit, then moves on. It's a little while before I run into the Assassin again, a long stretch of silence only punctuated once twice by the Assassin, complaining about the Kurzick mob (which was only an actual mob for a very short amount of time, because two teams happened to be moving in the same direction).
It's not until the very end of the game that I run into the Assassin again; he's not at all fazed by his previous failure, perhaps attributing it to the surroundings or something of the sort. he once again launches his chain at me, and is met with an early RoD (déjà vu much?). This time I time my Hammer of Dawn - er, RoJ - to not coincide with his Entangling Asp, for some wonderful damage pulses and flaming goodness. He bites the dust when his SoTS backfires thanks to another RoD.

  • Katai Kokoro: Again.
  • the Assassin: one move
  • Katai Kokoro: two, actually.
  • Katai Kokoro: you go down easy.
the game ends about one second after I say this. It was too good to resist.

...I spend a few moments waiting for a retaliation to come in via PM, but no luck. My team laughs about it once again. The scoreboard says the Luxons won that match, but personally, I think I'd rather end on that note then on a quiet and uneventful win.

Spiteful Spirit and the RangerEdit

Alliance Battles, Dec. 21st 2007. It's a fun battle; I'm using my necromancer, Chishio Meiyaku, running my normal AB build, which is a nasty little SS build, featuring Reckless Haste and Insidious Parasite for good measure. Sadly, most players don't ever stop attacking with SS or IP active, so I get lots and lots of kills on melee, which makes up for my inherent weakness to caster builds such as the ever-popular Fire- and Air-Elementalists. Case in point, the story I'm telling you now...

...A ranger (hereafter known as "the Ranger") is attempting to kill me. Burning Arrow, Keen Arrow, Savage Shot, general barrage of faux-spike skills, as far as I can tell. I cast SS on him and back off. He stops attacking... momentarily. Apparently he decided the damage wasn't enough to stop him. Okay then, here's Insidious Parasite. Thanks for healing me. He continues.
He actually proves to be a rather resilient fellow; he's using a Dervish secondary, with Natural Healing. It works surprisingly well, and I find myself alternating re-casting spells and Hexer's Vigor, and running away. While I'm running, I happen across an Assassin (hereafter known as "an Assassin") fighting someone nearby, and give him SS as I pass by, which nets an easy kill. The Ranger's still following me.
A few minutes later, he's got me cornered my one of my own shrines, and he's dangerously low on health (and still hexed). I'm also low on health, but not in too much danger. He's down to about 30hp... stops for a moment to think. Then fires a shot and dies.

...then launches into a rant about how much I suck. For your enjoyment:

  • the Ranger: i hate u...
  • the Ranger: nub
  • the Ranger: cant even fight u just run. =/
  • Chishio Meiyaku: hey, you're the one that killed yourself with SS.
  • an Assassin: ok... i h8 whoever keeps spamming ss :P
  • an Assassin: their too good
  • Chishio Meiyaku: hello.
  • an Assassin: ^_^
  • an Assassin: lol
  • the Ranger: lol by running
  • the Ranger: she kills you
  • Chishio Meiyaku: no, I just get you to attack me. :P
  • the Ranger: then run
  • Chishio Meiyaku: well, I like living...
game ends at this point with a win for my team
  • Chishio Meiyaku: you know, if you stop attacking, I can't kill you.
  • the Ranger: right i'm hunting u next game.

...I found this all to be incredibly complementing, surprisingly. If my anti-melee skills are pissing off melee, then my build is working, isn't it? And I really hope the Ranger learned something from this, about why SS, Insidious Parasite, and the like shouldn't be ignored. (from the sounds of it he didn't learn much though, and I wish him luck in his quest to power through anything in his way, no matter the cost.) Also, Assassin's cool. He at the very least knew what killed him, and kept a sense of humor when it did. I enjoy playing with people like that.

Memory 001Edit

Alliance Battles, unknown date. Playing on my Mesmer, Sayuu Meimu, with a "Toolbox" build (mostly anti-caster, with skill effects for most situations). Assassin comes running after me; since I'm alone and so is he, I decide to go for it and cast Empathy as he shadowsteps to me. His shadowstep gets him into melee range just as Empathy finishes casting, and he rolls into his IAS-enhanced attack chain. Did I mention he was using Frenzy as his IAS? He dies on his dual attack, and I cast Restful Breeze and walk away.

Predictability for DummiesEdit

Alliance Battles, Feb. 24th 2008. So, I'm trio-trapping in Alliance Battles (Grenz Frontier) with two guildmates, Blaze (my brother) and Nova; just a normal day. Game's been going fairly smoothly... we're laying traps left and right, capping shrines, laying traps while we cap, running to the next shrine, laying traps along the way, you know. Normal stuff.
So there I am, just finished capping the Melee Defense Point (Smoke Trap on the Necromancers before they started wanding kept them from killing me while I laid the other traps, which made for an easy kill). I'm about to start laying my traps as normal, right on the shrine... when I get an idea. When I'm on my Elementalist, I don't go on the shrine; I stand at aggro-bubble range and cast Meteor Shower. Why not lay traps there? So I take a short hike up the hill and drop all my traps (Smoke, Flame, Dust, Tripwire, with Barbed Trap an inch higher on the hill). Then I just take off for another shrine.
About thirty seconds later, I notice an Ele run past me. I go to check how he's doing... just in time to see Tripwire interrupt his Meteor Shower. He's Blind, Dazed, Crippled, on Fire... so he gets out of there by using D. Charge on Nova, who happened to be busy laying his own traps on the shrine.
Good times.

No such thing as a bad build...Edit

Random Arenas, July 23rd 2007. I'm running my Assassin (Kumo Tsuiraku) as somewhat of a Signet Spiker, which is a fun little build that managed to stay in the metagame for about a week, if I remember correctly. Basically involved giving out conditions, then hitting the foe with Signet of Toxic Shock and Signet of Shadows. Worked fairly well.
Anyway. I'm on quite a streak in RA with this build; quite surprising, considering it was never really meant to win. I had Shadow Meld as my elite, for goodness' sake. But anyway, thanks to Black Spider Strike > Blinding Powder > Twisting Fangs > spike signets, it's working nicely.
At one point, we run into a melee-heavy team. I believe it was two or three Warriors, one of whom had a pet. We killed one or two of them, if I remember correctly (it was a long time ago)... at this point, the entire enemy team jumps on my Warrior teammate; I manage to get to him in time, and throw down Blinding Powder to blind the entire team just before he would have been killed. It saves him, and we pound the life out of the remaining foes.
...But wait, that's not the best part. As soon as this happens, one of the enemy Warriors starts to complain.

  • Warrior: blinding is for noobs
  • Kumo Tsuiraku: that's why I got you with it.
(I'm quite proud of that one, only took me half a second to think it up too.)
  • Warrior: your so cool
You have gained 50 faction with Balthazar for winning!
You have gained an additional 50 faction with Balthazar for your flawless victory!

I can only assume his last comment was sarcasm. We get a nice laugh out of it as the next match starts.

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