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Basic InfoEdit

Playing GW Since: March 2005
Current Guild: Looking for a good one.


I have 9 GW characters which I have being playing during at least 2 years, but non of them were played continuesly. Currently I am playing the Lck King and I wont stop playing him until I achieve the People Know me title. As a pet lover I have many cats in real life, and no I am not a crazy old lady...(just a crazy old man).

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Ranger-iconLck KingEdit

LCK King

Name Origin:

  • It born in Nightfall, with the only purpose of become a "People Know Me" Character.



  • 20

==Other Characters==

Blacks Arrow - Ranger (On dead row, to use the slot on future GW games)
Blacks Arrow
               Hobbies:   Farm Tombs, pet my spider-sutra
Lck Blacks - Ritualist (Hardcore to play with...)
Lck Blacks
               Hobbies:   Spawm... 
Lck Piromano - Elementalist(How you want them? Rare, Medium Well done?)
Lck Piromano
               Hobbies:   Cooking
Lck Spear - Paragon (I am not bald, I shave it!!!!)
Lck Spear
               Hobbies:   Hip-hop, rap...singing.
Lck Lck War - Warrior (Pretty much a manners)
Lck War
               Hobbies:   Do I have to have one?
Lck Monks Black - Monk (I know how I look, but believe me I am not gay!!!)
Monks Black
               Hobbies:   Heal squizies that dont know now to behave.
Lck Prima Morte - Necromancer (I always have a Bone on me!!!)
Prima Morte
               Hobbies:   Walk on the cemetery, make Jagged bones out of my relatives and make them do tricks
  • The last character that I have is only a mule, and his purpose is solely to carry my offence to him is intended (nor for mules).

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