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This user is primarily a PvE player.

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Syomorannew Name: Syo Moran
Gameplay Type: PvE (Tyria)
Profession: Ranger Ranger-icon-small
Secondaries: Mesmer-icon-smallMonk-icon-smallWarrior-icon-smallElementalist-icon-smallNecromancer-icon-small


Syrismoran Name: Syris Moran
Gameplay Type: PvE (Tyria)
Profession: Ranger Ranger-icon-small
Secondary: Warrior Warrior-icon-small


Lanaiiaolani Name: Lanaii Aolani
Gameplay Type: PvE (Cantha)
Profession: Monk Monk-icon-small
Secondary: Ritualist Ritualist-icon-small


  Name: Anger Sworn
Gameplay Type: PvP
Professions: Monk Monk-icon-small Ranger Ranger-icon-small
Builds: BoonProt Interrupt Cripshot


Veridiusreyor Name: Veridius Reyor
Gameplay Type: PvE (Elona)
Profession: Paragon Paragon-icon-small
Secondary: Ranger Ranger-icon-small


Deceased Characters

Click here for those heroes who have joined their brethren in the Mists.

The Guild

Guild: Zealous Knights [Zk]

Leader: Syo Moran
Officers: None
Members: 1 (Including Officers and Leader)
Status: Planning

Zk is a guild started by me in late November, 2006. I haven't yet begun to recruit members, but I'm planning on 3-4 officers with about 20 members, with a total membership count of around 25 members.



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